Monthly vs Accelerated Bi-Weekly Payments

There are many resources on the internet that tell you to pay your mortgage bi-weekly to pay it off faster and save thousands in interest. While this is basically accurate, you are not told that this does cut into your cash flow.

A monthly mortgage payment of $1,000 a month will cost $12,000 a year.  Cut the monthly payment in half and your bi-weekly payment is $500. There are 26 bi-weekly payments a year for a cost of $13,000 a year.

You are paying the equivalent of 1 extra payment a year. Bi-weekly payments are equivalent to a monthly payment of $1,083.33.

No real magic here, you are paying extra on your mortgage.

It makes sense to schedule payments a day after you get paid. Pick the frequency that is the most convenient for you and make extra payments when you can.

This calculator compares monthly, bi-weekly and increased monthly payments.