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  1. Hi, your fixed rate vs variable rate calculator is really useful (particularly the first one that fixes monthly payments).

    A request, can you add an option for 10 years? I’m trying to decide between a 10 year fixed rate, and what scenarios of rate increases would need to occur to make it a win over that period of time, over a variable rate.

    Thanks, these calculations are really confusing, there aren’t many similar calculators online that I can find.

  2. Hi There,

    Just FYI we tried your Mortgage Payment Shock Calculator and I put in an original interest rate of 2.39% and put a future interest rate of 3.7% and it showed a lower bi-weekly payment at the 3.7% rate. Something isn’t working… However your other calculators seem pretty great so far!

  3. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the comment. Accelerated bi-weekly payments bring the amortization down automatically so when it calculates the new payment it calculates that based on the original amortization. For example, an accelerated bi-weekly payment on a 25 year amortization will automatically bring the amortization to 22 years and a bit. After a 5 year term the new amortization would be 17 years an a bit. The calculation will bring the amortization back to 20 years which may cause the issue. I will change it to show accelerated bi-weekly though, which may help explain. I appreciate your feedback.

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