Since an early age I have been interested in personal finance and with the growing amount of information and opinion online this interest has grown.

I am the former owner of and when that goal (mortgage paid  :)) was accomplished I abandoned that blog.  I missed blogging and realized I still wanted to exist online.  After realizing that most mortgage calculators on the internet were inaccurate or deceiving and that most people could not do these calculations on their own I decided to start this site.

In 2004 I completed the educational component through Advocis and passed the Certified Financial Planner exam.  After some initial meetings with some of the big players in the financial planning industry I realized that I did not want to purse that career path.  In 2007 I took the educational component required and became a mortgage broker.

I was asked by a friend when I became interested in "money or personal finance" and found this in my memorabilia box, skip to the second page:


I hope you find some value in the calculators on my site.  Thanks for reading!