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You will find an assortment of Mortgage Calculators here to help:

  •  home buyers with purchase decisions

  •  home owners with renewal or refinance decisions

  •  mortgage professionals to aid in complicated mortgage calculations

  •  financial planners to assist clients with mortgage decisions and goal setting

My goal is to have the most comprehensive collection of Canadian Mortgage Calculators on the internet. This site is starting with a few calculators, but I need your assistance. Please leave any comments or requests for additional calculators on the Feedback page.

Take a look around. I hope you find a calculator or two of value to you in your decision making process.

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Home Purchase Affordability Calculator

Payment Based on Down Payment

Fixed Rate Versus Variable Rate

Term Compare with Break Even Rate Calculator

Monthly vs Accelerated Bi-Weekly Payments

Payment Frequency Analyzer

Mortgage Goal Setting – End Balance

Mortgage Payment Shock Calculator

Refinance Calculator

Cash Back Mortgage Calculator

Broker Cash Rebate Required for Lower Rate Based on Higher Payments (For Brokers)

Broker Cash Rebate Required for Lower Rate Based on Lower Payments (For Brokers)